Lunch on 10/17/17

I’m waiting for a beautiful blonde lady To get back from a lunch appointment in downtown Fort Wayne, which is not quite as elegant as the French Quarter, so I’ve heard. All I think about is the pleasantness of sweet potato bread, The lunch I’m about to devour on this day, I’m sure it will […]

Post Match Elegy

There are the winners, the winners, the warriors who have valiantly expressed themselves over their opponents for a space of time previously determined. They give a few meditative words about victory. They give a thoughtful repose about preparation, and a short remark of their opponents, and their opponents valiant efforts, and thanking their opponents for […]

Je Ne Sais Pas

We are getting old, We are getting not so old. We are young, Perhaps we should be older. Perhaps then our youth Will not be spoiled By the rottenness It contains in its members. The French say this, Je ne sais pas. In English it means I do not know. I do not know Why […]

Thoughts (and Corinthians 13)

I shall not ask anything of you, For what shall love ask for? I shall not ask for love back, For it is not transactional, As if love could be attached to some string, That when pulled Would give you want you want. Rather I shall love you little By little, by ways and means, […]

A Dessert for Late September

I like all things pumpkin. But I cannot tell you how it tastes on my tongue, or even how it makes me feel. Other than when the pumpkin pie touches my taste buds, loaded with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, dashes of this dashes of that, I am pleased. I remember my first experience with pumpkin pancakes, […]

Thoughts at a Political Rally

The shanty towns Burrowed into the back Of our memories Only to come again Into conscious Every cycle of two Dusty years Is a sham bucket Of warm puke To think rhetoric That is just lofty Enough Just realistic Enough Will actually change The inevitable decline Of social conscience That individuals turn into From the […]

Dear Delilah

how then shall we live, if not how shall we die, we shall put that question on the back burner because it is so far off and we have today, and I am wondering if you are thinking of tomorrow and tomorrow that exists in our mind but not in our reality like today does, […]