Letter to an Old Lover

So much to tell you, So little to say. Perhaps it is tragic. Perhaps you know my silence, Is my way of showing contentment, Being withdrawn into my thoughts Of how to speak to you next, To elicit the right response. That you know my silence is not That I don’t think of you often. […]


What if a boat is not rocked so much by storms, but by other failures? What if the Titanic had been more aware, Or if the radio’s had been on, Or the captain not so cocksure that everything would go according to plan? What if the greatest failures Are simply the result of the day […]

On Two Stars

There you go then up into the murky Mars galaxy filled with the epistemological quadrants that at some point were crossed Crossed and fallen in to deep The astrological coordinates are so rarely so defined Now two becomes one now alive now bright Constellate stars do not burn out

08/13/2017 Charlottesville

I saw riot gear Disappear over physical barriers, Swells of human flesh, Stinking, rotting, melting Human flesh Pushing against a flash Mob that came in rejoinder. A pretentious prick took Liberty, sweet Freedom, One rev of the engine too far. In truth all involved are worthy Of condemnation. I feel for those families Who are […]

Thoughts at Brunch on Sunday

Tell me again why You love me, I will tell you again of the earth and the planet that is not so encompassing as the void when you are gone, not even the universe is vast enough, no not even the distant galaxies that hold, supposedly, the gold that would weigh enough to outweigh my […]

I Shall Remove You

The mineral elements of the earth Are mined for the visceral beauty They bring to your breath, set upon glass window cases. Topaz, diamonds, Emeralds. Champaigne colored rocks set In some necklace, set on some neck, Set where the breathy compliments of men Can be contrived to bring self assurances. They told me you were […]

100 Days of Love Sonnets: Day 5

It has been said that love is not easy; This is true. The wind comes in spring When the flowers sleepily come coiling Out of their winter resting place breezily To the delight of all, completely Enraptured by their full color, being Innocuous, giving way to the snapping Of summer. Love is also not so […]