100 Days of Love Sonnets: Day 2

The blue light has stayed on, though you left all Those days ago. It was placed there by you, But it has outlasted you. Did not stall Like we thought it would, down in the bayou, Singing our hearts out onto the water, Startling crows and pigeons from reverie; We layed in that hotel room, […]

100 Days of Love Sonnets: Day 1

To kiss the mirror in the way that you do, softly and half naked, picking out the spots you’d wish would all go away, perhaps with a cream dish full of different concoctions and think loftily of how good you’d look then, how silly is that thought to me. It’s not enough to miss the […]

[I broke up with my girlfriend today]

I broke up with my girlfriend today. sweaty palms and awkward hugs and car rides- on January 1st we’d sealed it with a kiss, by February we’d ended it- with the same kiss. go lightly with me she said, while listening to Keith Urban on a particularly sunny day, i’m still in love with ideas […]

The Girl in the Red Plastic Dress

Nebulous, nefarious, not my type of girl, not my type of heartache. She said, she said laughing, she put that kind of life on Instagram you fall in love with, but don’t understand. Don’t realize that perfection exists somewhere in the galaxy above and below, but putting on airs, putting on facade’s, putting on red […]

Dear Future Newlyweds

Dear future newlyweds, I Don’t think I’ve seen anyone more Blissfully engaged than you. I should know. I am the grooms brother. I should know because I closed my door tighter When you argued as teenagers Certain of one thing; You wanted each other. I should know because Never was happiness abated, Never was sorrow […]

On Sunny Tuesdays

I. While I can yet see the tan shoulder, the sun-kissed forehead, the melodious voices tinkling out notes of wine and brandy, I shall savor you                                      I tell you as a promise to myself, blue eyes staring back into blue eyes open heart staring into what if’s II. I’m sure that would be a storm. […]

Summer Rain Go-Round

today I’m picking up in my hands the subtle earth below open skies and letting the droplets kiss me and my hands, a mixture of sludge, dropping down to the ground, something new, something the same and watching the grass once dead drink in new life.