Feeling is Better Than Knowing

It’s cold. The ice cold water I sipped nervously Because it had been left in my car overnight So I wasn’t sure how cold it was, told my mouth what my skin already knew. Winter is coming. My brain knew this first, but knowing it seems different than experiencing it. I know I should escape […]

A Fraught Goodbye

Do you love me? He asks, paws thudding down the asphalt driveway the day after I spent my shotgun skyward chasing orange clays into the sky, the day after I drove back to the lake house Peering into the water. Its grey- blue iciness asking me questions. The wind whipping across the open lake, It’s […]

Middle of the Day Musings

I find myself muttering to myself, lately, no, that is not quite right, I fret over jot and this dash-which wears me out to be honest. Perhaps I can leave the details of the matter to my mother, let the string out a little and hold to the end. There is always room for error-I […]

The Beautiful Fall

Let us lie here, On this mass Of gold and yellow Leaves, crinkling Underneath our weight Propping us up under Gray skies that are Fading into dark, There is a storm coming. There is a storm coming, The wind is picking up, Picking up some leaves Beside us and moving them On to where they […]

Morning Drive 10/30/2017

The water trickles down From the skies, still dark Except for the blare of headlights Illuminating the droplets translucency As they splash unapologetically Against the windows, And wiped, also unapologetically From those same windows Onto the streets below.

Fall Blues

My friend told me, Of relief and pain One has when staring Into the mirror On a cold fall morning Realizing you’re not quite Good enough after all. That sinking into the abyss Of knowing you could be So vacuumed into someone That now you’re falling Like a shaken leaf falls From a tree. By […]

In D.C. 10/19/2017

The drive in from nearby Alexandria is slow, Meandering down I-395 in gridlock, I’m convinced one can enjoy this Only if they are a sadist Who enjoys the slow clutch and jerk Of traffic on a highway built For speeds of 55, but only traveling 10 at best. It is then that, after a few […]