Thoughts at Brunch on Sunday

Tell me again why
You love me,
I will tell you again
of the earth
and the planet
that is not so encompassing
as the void
when you are gone,
not even the universe
is vast enough,
no not even the distant
that hold, supposedly,
the gold that
would weigh enough
to outweigh
my affection,
but yet should I gather
topaz, rubies, diamonds,
fly them in the sky
as proof,
fly the evidence
for all to see,
there would not be enough,
not enough
to properly display my love,
so let this truth be known,
let you feel my passion,
let you feel my desire,
let you feel my sorrow,
because I am not good enough
if you do not think so,
do not say so,
do not express so,
so tell me why
you love me again,
before you go,
as I wish not to purchase
your affection
with some inanimate object
to show the world,
for it’s those things that
are lost,
those things that corrode,
and I’m fearful our love
will too, if loving you
was possible to its extent,
possible to fill you up
like the ocean after
another storm,
stretched out for miles
and all things submerged,
remembrances from childhood
that has left inevitable scars
that show up now and then,
and here is a large rock
form that I’m cutting
down to size
because I’m flawed,
because the only rock
worth giving is the one
I’m whittling down
down down
until gushing forth
is something you’re
worthy of


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