Love! At the Pub

We went out for love, at the local pub
Fell instead for whiskey and the red head
Who stayed after we did
Who stayed after we left, lonely
Who said she had come with someone we never met
We walked home
The winter storm not quite over
& the night still young
& the air brisk
& the apartment still empty
Except for old trophies up on the shelf


A Summer Wedding Poem

For Austin & Rachel

Yellow sun beat down on us,
Yellow sun shine in the sky,
Yellow sun shine with happiness,
Yellow sun invade us with heat,
Yellow sun touch our skin tenderly,
Yellow sun watch over our proceedings,
Yellow sun keep the rain away,
Yellow sun set not on us,
Yellow sun set not on our love

The mornings and evenings are cool,
The morning has dawned on your love,
The morning has brought your marriage,
The morning has brought us here,
The morning stretches out the day,
The morning full of possibility,
The morning fraught with excitement,
The morning of the wedding day,

The afternoon brings oppressive heat,
The afternoon brings touch-up work,
The afternoon brings cool breezes,
The afternoon a reminder of work,
The afternoon a reminder to endure,
The afternoon a reminder of evening

The evening brings laughter
The evening your marriage fully
The evening tears of laughter
The evening tears of memories
The evening lots of pictures
The evening the final coming together
The evening the togetherness of family
The evening the togetherness of friends
The evening the farewell of single solitude
The evening an end to the beat of the sun

The Whisper & The Shout

One, soft.
How angry did she get when I said this

Perhaps I should have known the rail,
The rail

Against harshness
Would be met with the sullen look

Reserved for those who have loved falsely
Loved incorrectly

Because it was neither returned, nor was it
Ever felt by one party-wholly conceived

Wholly birthed and tended to by that matronly
Figure we call desire

Aborting the song and dance always seems to
Be done prematurely,

The truth is a bitter pill, swallowed, makes
Us feel better

Fantasy is the potion that lifts us up to the

Come down they shout
Go up too high and be like Icarus!

Go up too high and whisper to the clouds-
‘It was all over too quick-‘


A lady told me today,
“Hold on, I’m getting a little old”
I wanted to say back to her
“Hold on yourself, I’m getting a little tired”
But I did not say that,
Except to allow a small murmur of a laugh
To escape my lips
Because I am a call center agent
& it would have been out of turn to
Say anything less
Perhaps something a little bit more
“Take your time, I’m getting older the more I live,
The day is almost over now,
I’ll be older too, soon”
But I did not & rather sipped my black coffee
Slowly getting colder as I waited

I Almost Had You

Completely & utterly undone.
The light once flickering
In & Out
& In & Out & In.
Coming slowly alive,
I charged my batteries,
Generating what I could with
My feeble tools.
That for a moment
Momentarily I saw you come alive
Before this hurricane
Came down.
Somewhere between there.
There the line between
There and here,
We came up with all the excuses
To breathe in the same air
Like it was quintessential
To our survival.
Finding pleasure unforeseen,
Until exhaustion
I could not escape.